Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Raven, Poulshot

I went to a pub tonight which I have not been to for a number of years , and I am now wondering why I left it so long. With the weather so bad it was with pleasure I walked into a snug bar with a crackling fire and barrels of real ale behind the bar. The bar was full, a good sign so we happily ordered drinks and waited propping up the bar studying the menu. On ordering our food a table came free by the fire. Thankfully it is what I would call a true English pub where there is no awful intrusive music, just the sound of people chatting loudly and locals greeting one another. This was a pub you could sit and chat merrily and then lean back to take in snippets of others. I happily learnt about a dog who had a hysterectomy and a Jack Russell who had managed to stop the local hunt.
I ordered steak and kidney pie, as did a friend and both of us were happy when it arrived as it was obviously home made. The pastry was just as I like it, shortcrust, which melted in the mouth and the pie was stuffed to the brim with juicy chunks of steak and tender pieces of kidney. The chef would have been hard pressed to get in anymore filling. The chips were also home made, with substance but also crispy, and the vegetables, which came in a individual bowl crisp and flavoursome. My boyfriend Mick ordered lambs liver, bacon and onions and was impressed when his plate arrived with a huge steaming pile of liver and bacon which he soon polished off.
Deserts later, also did not did not disappoint, my friend ordered apple and blackberry crumble, which he said was very tasty only slightly disappointed that there wasn't more of it! My homemade coffee and walnut cheesecake satisfied my craving for well made puddings and I will definitely want to sample more. Mick, who hasn't a sweet tooth, ordered cheese and biscuits and continued to be impressed when 3 large pieces of cheese arrived, which we had to help him finish off!
We shall definitely be returning to sample the hospitality and further delights off their menu and of course to catch further updates of village life.